Welcome to Deimos Design where there is software for all! Our products specialize in being simple to use, quick to learn and functional. We pride ourselves on bug-cracking as much as we can before release, and the same for our other products like games etc.

Our software is usually either open source or freeware but with professional standards of design excellence.

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Thanks for visiting, hope you’ll keep checking back for new software/games/etc and the blog that keeps you up to date with what we’re currently working on. For more on that, see below this post!

New Release and Site Updates

This is pretty cool, the utility itself is very simple in use and design but it’s the first utility/application I’ve released made in vpScript.

The release itself is BackupMan, it’s a simple tool for creating zipped backups of directories with a few neat tricks. The UI creates the configuration file, then the resulting .bus file can be launched via a scheduler or launcher to then create the backup described.

Also the vpScript Micro-Site has some content and continues to grow as I add more useful content. Currently there is the start of a 10 part Hello World series, the classic programming tutorial. Mine goes a little more in-depth and creates a workable tool at the end of the series. But the first thing you create is indeed the classic Hello World.

There’s also lots of examples and some code for the code base.

Keep checking back!


Working on a few things right now. This includes a new product for html and site editing that works completely with source code instead of a gui as we like to control html that way and we’re sure other people do as well.

Also released Convert to the world, it’s a simple compiler front end, please click the link for details.

The site is slowly coming together as we add more and more content, including software to be downloaded etc. While we’re doing this site with WordPress for ease of updating etc there is also the VPS micro-site to consider which we’re creating in our new product. The tools included in that software are making it a much lighter job. So plenty to come, and quite alot already here!

Keep checking on us, we’ll have more content as the days etc. go by!