Astra: Universe

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Astra: Universe

Welcome to the Astra: Universe. This is a currently in development series of games that will be space based 2Dimensional up to fully fledged 3D space flight simulation games. This part of the site covers the entire universe, and please do keep checking back for updates as this massive game universe is developed.

Why a Series?

That’s simple, this is a learning project during which time we’ll get better and better with the chosen platforms for the development of this project, and each release into the Astra: Universe will be an evolution and improvement on the last.

Astra: Mercenary

Astra: Mercenary is to be the first in the Astra: Universe series of games and will be a simple low requirement game for running on anything from a laptop with internal card and up to a gaming monster. It’s not going to be as pretty as the rest of the series, with low end graphics, turn based combat and cell based travelling throughout the entire procedurally generated universe but it’s not going to be lacking for game features and replayability to the best extent possible. It has it’s own page.

“Coming Soon!”