Astra: Alpha

Astra: Alpha will be the first in Astra: Universe line. It’s going to have very low system requirements and will be designed to be run on anything from a laptop with a low end internal chipset to a gaming PC monster.

It’s going to be fully featured though, with special this edition turn based combat system, specialised gaming features for mining and gathering as well as plenty of depth. It’s going to set the standard and universe for the games that come after it.

The Astra: Universe will be large and diverse with a lot of procedural generation aspects and this game will be no different in that at all! In fact its going to be a very large universe in which to gather, trade, explore and fight. There’s going to be plenty to do for the aspiring mercenary and it’s going to have a simplified empire building aspect built into it as well which will actually set the tone for these aspects later in the series development.

The idea behind this edition of the series is a game that can be run in the background while doing other things, without having to worry you’re going to die to pirates without some form of notice, or similiar. You’ll even be able to run this game while running other games, the requirements will be that low.

Please check back here often for updates and news on Astra: Mercenary.

Latest News

  • 13/09/2019 – Started work on the Mercenary Whitepaper, started to design the ships used in the entire universe and gathering of other game resources.
  • 14/09/2019 – Started work on Alpha UI