Coming Soon – Sometime 2020


We at Deimos Design love a good dungeon delve and have played many Rogue-likes and the alike rpg’s and were left disatisifed with the experience. The trouble being a lot of Rogue-likes are hardcore perma-death only and frankly this isn’t our favorite thing to do. You work so hard only to fail and lose ALL your progress.

What Delve! does is offer differing modes, including a hardcore perma-death mode, that allow the player to choose what happens, how hard the game is and even timed styles that are designed for rush runs, or something to do during a coffee break.


There’s going to be several modes of game play

  • Casual Mode
    This mode will be very relaxed, allowing for mistakes to happen, a lower challenge as mobs and bosses will have reduced stats.
  • Normal Mode
    This is where the mobs and bosses will have 100% statistics but there’s no perma-death.
  • Hard Mode
    This is for people who want to increase the challenge with 150% increased stats for mobs and bosses.
  • Hard-Core Mode
    Classic rogue-like game play with perma-death and harder enemies to fight


  • Untimed
    The standard delve mode where you can take your sweet time in a dungeon
  • Timed
    Timed dungeon delves, rush to do as much as you can in the time available, run out of time and all the saves for the dungeon are deleted.
  • Coffee Break Mode
    5/10/15 minute runs, after the timer runs out the session ends, but you keep your save files in order to continue the dungeon during another coffee break, timer is reset on save game load

Character Progression

The main aim of Delve is not only exploring dungeons and fighting waves of mobs, but also to progress your character. Characters are saved seperately from dungeon save files, and can be used and progressed across multiple Delves. There’s going to be a lot to progress for your character including standard RPG fare like levels, gear and archievements.

Coming Soon

We’re currently working on our design document and basic UI design but watch this space for updates to our progress for this exciting development project from Deimos Design.