mLibris is a simple media database, it’s mostly made to keep track of video files but could be used to create a database of any media type with a few changes to the options. It allows you to tag, make notes and set properties on entries which can then be filtered via various means into lists. These can then be saved to .pls files.

It’s ideally used with video files of various types, but it doesn’t read tags on purpose, it’s designed for the end user to set these properties themselves and all properties are set in the database itself for that database specifically. Like artist, production company etc. With auto completion on the item editor it makes it a breeze to add entries, and the file manager is very good at adding new files.

Optionally you can also monitor a directory, move to another and all to the database depending on what you’d like to do.


mLibrus_Install.exe – 1,391,379 bytes

Release Information

03/08/2021 – First Release – Version 1.0 BETA

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