MojoTML Version 1.0 – Beta

MojoTML is our HTML site editor.  You can edit anything from a single page to an entire site of HTML pages using this, and has color coded editors for everything from HTML to JavaScript and vbScript.  The project management features allow you to keep track of all the files used by your site project and then publish them to a directory for upload via whichever method you tend to use.  It also comes with special MojoTags for changable information which can be edited in a single place and then replaced easily in your published document’s.  It’s a fully featured source code editor for HTML, and we think you’ll love it.


  • Very Easy to Use
  • Project Manager for entire sites
  • HTML Source Code Editing
  • MojoTML Tags for changable information to be edited in a single place.
  • Project and Application wide MojoTag editing.
  • Clean Office-like user interface.
  • Easy Project management tools
  • Publishing to a directory for easy uploading


MojoTML Version 1.0 – Beta – Local Download – 3mb


MojoTML working on the vpScript Micro-Site available on Deimos Design