Visual PascalScript v1.0 – Beta

Visual PascalScript V1.0 – Beta Introduction

Visual PascalScript (VPS), is built upon the famous PascalScript by RemObjects. It’s a serious extention on the base language with many new features including an entirely unique method of using forms and other functionality. The extended language covers a host of functionality from directory and file system commands to handling simple internet tasks.

VPS is designed to be easy to use and also to automate a lot of service type functionality like the backing up of files etc and thus includes built in compression using zlib and even zipping of files.

The Internet functionality is currently growing but covers http and ftp handling with downloading of even HTTPS files using the built in command set.


  • Rich Pascal Command set supplied by base PascalScript
  • Commands and Functions for a wide variety of functionality in everyday use
  • Special service applications to best make use of VPS including a special scheduling application.
  • Internet Aware
  • Fully featured IDE/Editor
  • WYSIWYG Form Designer
  • Internal compression routines for making backups.
  • Specialist directory commands for syncronizing or cloning entire directory structures.
  • Modern User Interface Design based on Office Look ‘n Feel.
  • And Much More…

Screen Shot

A screenshot for the main IDE, as you can see it’s a very modern user interface.


Coming Soon..


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