wpMaestro is a wallpaper changer at it’s most basic but it’s got some fairly advanced options for working with sets of images. It allows the use of “Set Libraries” which can contain multiple ‘Sets’ which are the image lists. Optionally you can change just wallpaper to anything in a set, or pick an image from anywhere in the current ‘Set Library’.

It’s got quite a few functions for working with sets and libraries and it’s quite esay to make a library of all your favorite wallpapers with built-in preview abilities and generation of sets via directory structures.

You can even generate a set from a directory and keep it updated every so often, (Optional timings) and use that. Say you have a directory that changes often you can regenerate the ‘Set File’ whenever the Auto Set Generator runs.

Wallpapers are changed by a timer, which can be sequential or random of set, and image.

Screen Shots

The main interface is actually done via a popup menu by the system clock


wpMaestro_inst.exe – 2,-015,839 bytes
wpMastero – Extra’s – 3,126,616 bytes

Release Infomation

Latest Release – 03/08/2021 – Version

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