This is a TINY but useful utility that makes zip backups of directories. The main interface creates configuration files. The idea then being that a scheduler or launcher is used to launch these .bus files. The runtime, if such is a good name, takes the information there-in uses the options set in the file and creates a zip file of all the files and directories with files from the source directory.

I made this while thinking about one of my backup scripts in vps that does much the same thing, but this with the quick and clean GUI is actually much simplier than creating a script for each job. Instead you set up the config ‘.bus’ file and then you launch it by some method.

Mostly I’m using vpsScheduler, which comes with vpScript for that right now, and have daily jobs creating backups of important directories. (Mostly development right now).

Screen Shot

The main, rather plain but effective UI for creating configuration .bus files


BackupMan Installer – Version 1 – Release 1 – 1,590,710 bytes