vpScript is a Pascal based Windows scripting language currently in Beta. It’s very good at automating boring tasks that any one with a computer for any amount of time would like to automate. It’s got a modern IDE and several useful tools for making and automating scripts. It’s really a suite of applications that combined can automate most tasks.

It’s still in development, creating a product this big in scale takes time, but it’s ready for testing and feedback. So please, try it out, and come back here and leave comments. This section of the site is a mini-site for vps (vpScript) itself and will eventually have scripts, examples and tutorials for the use of.

The application comes with a tonne of examples, some of which I wrote for my own system for various tasks, as well as a WIP help file command reference and more. There is even an example of a simple batch language ‘written’ in vpScript.

vpScript Micro-Site (WIP)

Screen Shots


Coming Soon…

Release Information

Coming Soon

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